Vipava Valley

"The green land of fine culinary treasures, all-year-round active adventures and breath-taking nature."

Below the high Karst plateaus lies the Vipava Valley, the beauty caught between the Alpine, Karst and the Mediterranean world, which basks in the sun. This is where the fine tastes of special wines mature, where the luscious smell of the maturing fruit spreads and where picturesque villages shimmer among the green hills. When the bora wind blows in the valley, it is wise to find shelter in one of the numerous wine cellars and taste the delicacies produced by the Vipava soil. And when the sun caresses the landscape again, it is time to wander – on foot or by bicycle, any time of the year. This Slovenian Aurora which is awakening in all its beauty was noticed by the world-established travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet, which placed it on the list of top ten destinations in Europe which it recommends to visit.

Don't leave until you have experienced...

- a special sort of our favorite local wine called zelèn and pinelo, an old wine sort found only here – revitalized boutique sort called “klarnica” and many others

-some of many typical dishes and goods. Among these are definitely the authentic “Vipava jota”, air-dried Karst prosciutto and dumplings and strudel from delicious fruit for the sweet-tooth.

- many of the activities such as cycling, hiking, fishing, paragliding, water sports, adrenaline ventures…

-our heartful hospitality :)